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Usually, every homeowner feels stressed about this when they are moving a long distance. Of course, you are not an exception here, no matter how reputable the moving company you have hired for furniture removal service is! After all, the last thing you wish is for all your expensive items to get distorted throughout the relocation. And if you want some solution to avoid such mishaps, our today’s blog may help you with that.

Smart Tricks to Keep Your Items Safe During Furniture Removals

If you do not move your furniture with proper precautions and care, you may get scratches, stains, and marks. It not just spoils the appearance of your furniture but digs your pockets for costly repairs. But with our following tips, you can save all:

Choose the right packing materials:

In this case, you can get help from your professional movers if you have no previous experience with house move! Also, avoid the misbelief that cardboard moving boxes and packing tapes are enough for furniture removals. To protect your items from damage and distortion, drop the idea of DIY packing and moving and let the house movers do that. They can bring the right packing materials you need for a safe process, like:

  • Bubble wraps
  • Plastic bags
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Rug and sofa covers

Prepare your furniture before the removals:

You have professional house movers that do not mean you have nothing to do! Experts always suggest prepping the items before packing to avoid damage during relocation. Otherwise, you may find scratches and unsightly marks after unloading the furniture parts. So, wipe all the stuff, like cabinets, shelves, and drawers, with a dry and clean microfiber cloth before your movers pack them with bubble wrap.

Disassemble the furniture:

It may be tricky for you little, but your professional packers and movers can help you with that! Ask them to disassemble your bigger furniture, like tables, cabinets, vanities, etc. They do it methodically so every part, including the nuts, bolts, and screws, do not get misplaced. Also, they ensure those parts fit in the moving boxes tightly so they cannot move during transit because of jerks and shocks.

In Conclusion

In short, moving your home can be easier and take less time if you follow the right techniques. On the other hand, it can reduce the chances of damage if you consider a professional furniture removal service and follow the tips mentioned above. If you need any help, contact us! Stay connected!