Handyman Services

Any odd job we can handle with ease, furniture assembly or maybe just paint and decorating. Give us a call if you need painters and decorators or if that ikea furniture is not that easy to assemble after all. You will get a quick quote fast.

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Handyman near me – Local handyman services

Whether you just moved in, or your home simply needs maintenance, you can find yourself in a tough spot. Maybe you simply don’t find the time to handle the odd job around the house, or maybe paint and decorating is not your cup of tea. Mario Moving can help you with reliable, fast local handyman services from a team of experts. You don’t have to worry anymore about home improvement and repair. We offer complete services: home repairs, installations and even home maintenance for London handyman. You may have a simple problem like a door repair because it is out of place and needs doorbells installed, or an old wall that needs a quick patch. Get a quick quote from us and a handyman near me will come fix your inconvenience in no time at all. Our handyman service has the top priority to keep your busy schedule going and your home in perfect shape.

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Local handyman for custom cabinets

Besides appliance installation we offer a fantastic handyman in case you need custom cabinets in your living room, built to the specifications you want. Online booking makes the process easier, and our advice center can help sort out the specific kind of service you actually need.

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Electrical installation and repairs

A new lighting fixture can breathe new life into an old looking room. But doing it yourself can cause problems. Electrical wiring is not always an easy task. A professional handyman can handle any appliance installation with ease. Bathroom installation, for complex tasks like electrical installation, tap repair, or even simple ones like mirrors hanging or picture hanging. The handyman near me offered by Mario Moving can do it all. That noisy washing machine can be fixed or replaced in no time at all. Wall mounting a TV can bring back that back pain, specially if it is a big screen TV that you just bought to watch that football game Friday evening. Our handyman in London has no problem helping in that regard. Furniture repair from our handyman services in London can help keep up with property maintenance in all areas of central London. Have that kitchen fitting done quicker and have all the waste removed and your home sparkling clean.

Furniture assembly

When you buy new furniture, you realize that assembly is actually a hard task and not an easy 5-minute job. Instructions are not always that clear and straightforward. Mario Moving brings your new furniture home from the store or from an old location in case you just moved house. We bring all the tools necessary, and you can rest assured that your bed frame, bookcase, cabinet or deck assembly goes as smooth as possible. Even a simple desk assembly can come with frustrations because of the hard to understand and follow instructions. That is why handymen near me can solve the problem fast and efficient. That new set of chairs for the breakfast table can take a lot of time to assemble. Local handyman services are the best help available, and that coffee can be savored in no time at all.

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Handyman services in London

We at Mario Moving cover north London with all your needs for appliances repair and a lot more. We also have teams in west London to quickly help with that roof repair or that door installation. Any task can be done quickly and cheaply with the right tools and the right team of handymen near me. Also, if you are situated in east London and are looking for loft conversions or block paving, we have the right man for the job. Unlike many of our competitors, we have been serving our clients for years and have more happy customers than ever. Our motto is to offer you the best service you are paying for. With us, you have peace of mind that we will visit you on time, accomplish the work, and clean the work area all by ourselves. We work with full dedication to ensure that each and every customer of ours is satisfied with our handyman services. Contact us to get a quote.

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Floor services – Installation and repair

We handle all types of flooring like vinyl, hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile. The home improvement professionals at Mario Moving have great experience in floor repairs. From simple grout cleaning to complete renovations. We always have the right equipment for the job. Laminate floors are an elegant and simple solution for most people’s needs. In recent years, laminate has improved a lot and have higher impact resistance, are more durable and long lasting, and best of all, are cheaper and easier to install. The handyman near me from Mario Moving can help you choose from a wide variety of designs to suit your lifestyle best and to make sure that, in the end, you are a happy customer.

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