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If you are relocating to another place, you probably have a lot of concerns and a lot of expenses. So, when it comes to your moving estimate, the last thing you want are surprises. That is why you need to hire an experienced company for house moving service who will help you cut down your moving expenses. There are various types of factors that can affect the cost of your move, including the following. So, read on to learn more!

Factors That Affect the Cost of Your House Moving Service

Here are some factors which will affect the amount of your moving estimate, such as:

1. Crating And Packing Costs

Remember, you are paying your moving company for their time. Obviously, they will charge more if you ask them to pack your possessions. Many people think they can save money by packing all of their belongings themselves. But if you don’t want any hazards, you can book the professionals for packing. If items like artwork or an antique clock need crating, the price will be higher.

2. Poor Access to Your Location

If your future or current residence is in a location that stops access for a large truck, the movers will need to find another way to get possessions out of your old home or into your new place. In this case, you will need to pay the moving company a shuttle fee.

3. Long Walking Distances or Stairs

The cost of the relocation will be higher if there are very long stairs which the movers need to carry your belongings up or down. If the distance from the entrance of your residence to the moving truck is greater than 50 feet, you will need to pay more for house moving service.

4. Storage Fees

Another factor that affects the cost of the move is the storage fees. And it is the most common reason for increased costs. If you need to store some or all your possessions at the company’s warehouse, expect to pay an additional storage fee.

5. Time of Year

Summer is the busiest relocation time of the year, which means you have to pay more if you want to move in summer. If you want to save money, you can choose September to May month to move! Also, another factor that affects the cost is if you choose any national holiday to move!

Wrapped Up!

Moving companies don’t get a reputation for reliability or trustworthiness by accident! They earn it by giving proper guidance to their clients! So if you plan to move, always hire a professional company for house moving service. If you want to know more regarding this matter, stay in touch!