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“Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin.

This old saying is true, especially for a house move if you have hired a moving company for removal services. The more time you need to move into your new home, the higher you have to pay. But how long it will take to complete your relocation to a new house depends on different factors.

In this blog, you will know how long it takes to finish a house move and what factors affect that time most.

How Many Hours Do Removal Services Take to Finish a House Move?

You may have professional house movers to help you with packing, furniture storage, and moving. But the overall time to finish the move can vary for individuals because of several variables.

According to professional movers, the estimated time for a small home is around two to four hours, while for a bigger house, it can take up to eight to ten hours. Now, the time frame of your house removals may go shorter or longer than this, depending on specific jobs.

On the contrary, the distance between your old and new home can also decide how long the entire move will take. Research shows, “Each year, approximately 4-5% of the population will move to a different city or county in the UK. On a yearly basis, nearly 200,000 people move from elsewhere in the UK to live in London.”

Hence, if you are shifting home to the same city, one day is enough. But removal services can take a week or more when your new house is in a distant town.

Now, have a look at the variables that can affect this time estimation:

The number of movers you have:

The more house movers you have, the less time your packing and moving will take. So, if you have a larger home and need to shift quickly, you can ask your moving specialists to bring more staff to complete the move in minimal time.

The number of items you have to move:

Shifting items takes the most time in an entire house move. From disassembling your furniture to packing everything in boxes to loading all your stuff in the moving van- these all are time-consuming.


Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you to understand how long you need to move to your new home. And if you need removal services in London, contact us! For more blogs, stay connected!