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Need to move? Want to make the process hassle-free? Then, only professionals can satisfy you. As per reports, moving Services in the UK market size growth in 2022 is 37.2%. It means many people prefer removalists to make this task stress free.

But do not rely upon professionals for every shit job like defrosting the fridge. And you know it is essential before moving out. How can you do so? Read the blog, then contact us!

It is generally not a tedious task, but it can waste some of your valuable time, as you will have to wait for the ice to melt. So how to defrost your freezer before the arrival of the removalists?

How To Defrost A Freezer Smartly?

Well! The most efficient and effective way to defrost a freezer is to leave the door open. Yes! You need to allow the temperature inside your freezer to rise and the ice to melt naturally.

Turn the freezer off. Then, unplug it before you defrost it. It’s always better for the freezer to be frost-free. No matter how short your relocation is, it can make а mess in the moving van if the ice melts.

Also, you need to remove any frozen food from the freezer. Put it in a cooler bag to keep it from melting. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages to gather more ideas!

Use old newspapers around the freezer to soak up the water. You can opt for dry towels though on the lower levels to absorb more moisture.

Remove shelves and drawers before hiring the moving services. If they are stuck because of the ice, take some time to solve the issue.

How Long Does it Take to Defrost a Freezer?

Well! The answer depends upon 2-3 factors that influence the time required to defrost a freezer. It can be two hours at a minimum and a full day at maximum.

Mostly, it depends on the amount of frost in the freezer. If it has not attended quite a long time, a thick layer of ice buildup can get formed. Here, wait for a long.

Choose a day to defrost the freezer. We recommend not to do it the day before the moving service, as you do not know how long it will take.

The Final Thought!

Need to hire moving services in London? You can consider a reliable company in this domain. Our trained removalists take care of all your staff during the moving process. You can go through our other blogs to make yourself more informed.