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Relocating to another place is not only a stressful experience for humans but also for pets! Transitioning from one environment to another can be hectic for your furry pal. And this is because they have to adjust to a new atmosphere without understanding what is happening. So, do you have a furry friend in your house with whom you want to move? So, how do you make your pets relax and comfortable during the moving period? Here are a few tips from local movers in London. Keep scrolling till the end.

A Guide from Local Movers to Move with Your Pet

Whether moving across the country or streets, you should properly plan to ensure your pets have a happy transition to their new environment.

  • Get Your Pet Used to Packing Supplies

One of the best ways to prepare your pet for moving is to include them in the packing process. So, when you organize items in the house, do not lock them in a room. You can let them play with the cartons or boxes and satisfy their curiosity. This way, you don’t have to deal with their stress-related behaviour such as hyperactivity, barking, and jumping. Familiarizing your pets with the moving supplies will make your transition easy and stress-free.

  • Do Not Change Your Routine

Because you are preoccupied with packing and organizing, you should not change your routine. Otherwise, it could result in nervousness and anxiety for your pets. So, keep your pet’s routine unchanged, including walking and playtime, feeding time, and even baths.

  • Don’t Let Your Pet Out!

There are many safe ways to carry your pets in the car. If you have huge pets, you can just put them in a kennel in the back of the vehicle. And another tip for local movers in London is to avoid opening the kennel until you reach your destination. Let them supervise your new house carefully when first letting them out into your securely enclosed yard.

  • Contact Your Vet

There are many reasons to visit your vet if moving out of your current area, such as:

  • To ensure vaccinations are up to date
  • Ask the vet for necessary prescriptions to avoid having to make emergency visits to the vet
  • You can get professional advice to reduce their stress
  • Your vet can give you a recommendation for a new vet in your new community

In a Nutshell!

Like humans, pets also have unique personalities and react differently to moving. But following the tips mentioned above from local movers in London will help you move with your pets safely. For more info, stay in touch!