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Purging and packing everything you own go hand in hand! While you’re packing, you need to think about purging. If you want to manage your relocation yourself, you are responsible for buying all the basic packing supplies for the move. You can purchase packing supplies from the self-storage or the moving company you’ve hired.

Today, this blog post will help you ready for your move with these tips from professional packing services in London. So, read on to learn more!

Getting Started

We all start packing while we purge, so it is better to start with those low-hanging cabinets and fruit in chests. So, you can use masking tape or specific colour-coded labels, like green for the master closet and blue for your kitchen, to find your things easily.

If you have purged sufficient items for a dump run or donate, do not leave your home until your packing boxes are labelled and taped. And this is because not finding your shoes in the boxes labelled “master closet” will give you some additional stress.


Purging your belongings helps you get organized and prepared. And cleaning out your attic, garage, and closets early is also a good idea. You will need proper storage space for those packed boxes, and your garage is the perfect spot. And this is why you need to organize your garage to manage this project.

Once you have organized the spot, sort your packing boxes so the moving company can get to them.

Also, remember to pack all your electronic items carefully, like instructional CDS, power strips, modems, and power cords.

When packing all your dishware, light bulbs, glasses, and lamps, they will need a little TLC. Wrap your glasses and dishes in newsprint, and place your fragile plates in the packing box on end. You can also hire a professional company for packing services in London to ditch all the stress.

For packing your items, you will need the following item such as:

  • Small boxes for toys, heavy items, books, fragile items, appliances,
  • Medium boxes for the boots, shoes, lampshades, accessories, and linens.
  • Large boxes for pillows, lamps, window treatments, and other items that are lightweight but bulky.
  • Bubble wrap, newsprint, packing peanuts, tape guns
  • Markers and labels
  • Small tools– hammer, screwdrivers, box cutter, scissors

Wrapping Up!

Hiring a reliable company specializing in packing services in London can save you a lot of stress and burden. So, why make your moving process difficult? You can also contact us if you are looking for reliable packers. Get in touch for more updates.