Bespoke packing services

Custom Packing Services is an opportunity to get the perfect packing solutions for any item, regardless of its shape, size and material. Mario Moving provides customers with custom packing services to ensure the safety and security of the shipment belongings during transportation.
Custom packing begins with an assessment of the items, including its shape, size, weight and features. Based on this information, our team of packing experts will suggest the best packing solutions for your shipment. We use only quality materials and state-of-the-art packing equipment.

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Why is custom packing service important to you?

Suitable packing service london ensures the safety and security of your belongings. Excessive wrapping can be too heavy and take up too much space, and inadequate packing can result in damage to your goods during transport. Mario Moving will design the best packing solution to ensure the safety of your belongings.
Custom packing may be necessary for unique items. For example, some works of art or museum pieces require special packing to preserve their condition during transportation. Our packing experts are experienced with a wide variety of items and can offer the best packing solution for any unique items.
Custom packing can cut costs. Excessive packing can increase the weight and volume of a shipment, making it more expensive to ship. On the other hand, insufficient packing can result in damage to the shipment and additional repair or replacement costs. Mario Moving will design the best packing solution to keep your shipment safe at the lowest possible cost.

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Bespoke packing services in London

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Packing to order: why it’s important

Times change, and with them, so do the needs of our customers. At Mario Moving we know that each customer is unique and has his own individual needs and desires. That’s why we offer custom packing services to meet our customers’ needs and provide them with the optimum level of comfort and assurance that their belongings will be safe during their move.
Whether you need to pack just one item or an entire house, we are always on hand to answer all your questions and help you choose the best solution for packing and moving your belongings. We are ready to provide you with a wide variety of packing options and provide professional recommendations on how to use them.

How our custom packing services work

When you contact us to order packing services london, we schedule an appointment with our packing specialist who will evaluate your belongings and help you determine what materials and equipment will be needed to pack as safely as possible. We recommend doing this in advance so that we can prepare for your move in advance and avoid unforeseen delays.
Our professional packers are experienced in packing a wide variety of items, from furniture to fragile glass and antiques. They take the utmost care and caution in packing each item and ensure that all items are safely packed and transported to your new home.
We also provide box labelling services so that you can easily identify the contents and find the right items after the move. We also provide extra packing services if you find that you have unpacked items before moving day.

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