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Moving has never been easy, especially if you have to transport furniture from your old location to your new one. A whole process is involved, both physically and mentally demanding. In addition to moving furniture, there is also the act of getting rid of old furniture, which can be extremely difficult to complete. Here are some tips to help you deal with everything in the shortest possible time.

Plan the whole operation

Before you lift the first cabinet, you need to take a few free moments to plan the whole operation. Think about the order in which it is best to handle all the pieces of furniture, which of them you need more urgently and how you will transport them to the new location. For example, if you are going to use a car to move everything, consider the heaviest and bulkiest pieces of furniture, which are more difficult to handle. Organize them as efficiently as possible, to make as few trips as possible.

Get transportation

If your new home is across town, or maybe even in another city, it’s pretty obvious that you need adequate transportation. In order to be able to transport the cabinets, tables and chairs to a slightly more distant location, we recommend that you rent a special car. There are companies that provide you with vans or large cars, with which you can move your possessions. Some companies can even provide you with a driver if you cannot drive yourself.

Use wheels

Why lift a piano when you can move it on wheels? Yes, you read that right! There are wheels that can be fitted to large pieces of furniture, so that they can be moved much more easily. This will surely save you from a sore back and muscle fever for the next few days.

Disassemble the pieces

Some furniture can be disassembled and moved in pieces for easier handling and transport. Pack them in pieces and to take up less space in the car you will move them with. Don’t forget to number them to make sure you have all the pieces at the end.

Wrap the furniture

It is extremely important to protect each piece of furniture from bumps or scratches. Unfortunate accidents can occur during the moving process, which can damage the corners or edges of your cabinets, chairs or bookcase.

Call on moving companies

No one says you have to do everything by yourself. If you are in a rush or you don’t have the physical ability to lift weights, you can call for our furniture removal services. We will take care of everything involving moving and transporting furniture, from one home to another or even from one city to another.

Now that you have all the necessary tips and secrets, all that’s left is to put them into practice. Complete the process of moving furniture bodies as simply and quickly as possible.