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Handled with care

Trusting a stranger with your valuable items is never a good prospect. Even if you are insured, that does not mean your photo album can be replaced. At Mario Moving, we understand the true value of your belongings, and the fact that it goes beyond the monetary value. Some items do not have a price tag, and their sentimental value is far greater. Our unpacking service guarantees that all your items will be handled with top care.

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Why us?

Mario Moving is a company comprised of friendly and professional house movers, a dedicated team who appreciates what a move means and what it implies. An unpacking requires vision and expertise. Great unpackers are great interior designers in a way, making sure each shape and size falls into place in the right room. We value respect and politeness. Our friendly staff offers nothing less than a smooth and fast transition to your new home. We move fast. Our unpacking service has been designed from the ground up in order to offer the best and fastest service for those in need of moving house. The stress of starting a new job can be an additional burden too heavy to carry on your own.

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Unpacking service

There are times when the last thing on your mind is unpacking. Moving is an exhausting activity that leaves little energy for other activities. You just want to enjoy your new place.

Mario Moving offers the best solution: with our unpacking service you can cut the time needed to settle in the new house. Enjoy your new house and leave the heavy-lifting to us. If you don’t have a moving checklist you need not worry: our professional movers can help organize everything from coffee cups to furniture to TV sets. Everything will fall perfectly in line with your vision. All your boxes that are waiting can be handled room by room in your requested order. Our friendly team of movers are happy to listen to your special directions.

Waste removal

After your belongings are unloaded, we sort and unpack everything for you. We can help with waste removal, as well as with items that you want to discard of. In case you are relocating in London, there is also the option for storage solutions in case you haven’t decided yet where each and every single box/item should be placed.

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Some moving tips to consider

Always be attentive to paperwork and what the movers are sending to you. We understand it might be a lot of stress preparing for everything and making sure that this process goes smooth, but always be very clear about asking your moving company representative what type of estimate they will be sending to you, and what does it mean. Binding estimate is one of the most common estimates out there and is usually being used by the majority of licensed insured and professional moving companies. The thing with the binding estimate is the myth that the price will not go up. That is actually wrong. Yes, the price is fixed and you will not need to pay any more but still there is a number in your estimate which is called some price per cubic foot or some price per pound. Make sure that your inventory list is as accurate as possible because even with the binding estimate you will end up paying more if your inventory list at the day of the move will actually have more items. There is a good side to it as well: if on the day of the move you will have less items than in the inventory list then the price will go down accordingly. Binding not to exceed estimate is most favorable and of course customers favorite across the whole country. It is pretty rare but big conglomerate moving companies usually give this type of estimate. A binding not to exceed estimate is everything a customer dreams of. It actually means that your price will never go above the quoted one. It might go down the same as with binding estimate if you have less items, but no matter how much you have more it will not go up. Usually to make sure not to shoot themselves in the foot, moving companies with this type of estimate give a pretty high price to cover themselves for any losses in terms of time and labor. So, make sure which one is better for you.

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