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Are you planning on hiring a removal Van for yourself? You need to think about how this may affect the rest of your move. Since it will make the long trip to your next destination, it won’t be safe to settle for just any moving van. There are three prime things you have to think about carefully: the price, size, and insurance cover. As per experts, they are integral factors in ensuring that you have a smooth and hassle-free move.

So, without delay, let us give you the details of each factor regarding van hire.

Points To Be Checked When Hiring A Removal Van:

Removal Van Prices

Of course! The price for the removal van depends on the van’s capacity or size. Besides, there are other considerable factors, like hourly rate and location.

However, every company has its own rate chart. Others may try to set it according to time slabs or have a fixed price for long-distance relocations. You must know companies usually charge a late fee when the van does not return within the agreed time.

Removal Van Capacity

The next factor is capacity. Most companies have a selection of vans available to accommodate every type of move. So, ask for details as much as possible to get the best recommendation from their customer service. When your van is too small, but the belongings are too much, spend a lot of bucks on multiple trips.

When your van hire is too big, you will pay for space you are not utilising.

Removal Van Insurance

You cannot rent or drive a vehicle if you do not have the proper insurance In the UK. So, make sure you choose a van that has sufficient paperwork in order.

Types Of Removal Vans:

Small Van

It is larger than your usual car. The small van is the best choice for student moves and transporting single items.

Medium Van

It has a medium wheelbase. This kind of van can handle a couple of bulky furniture sets and is suitable for people who are moving between studio flats in the city.

Large Van

A large van comes with a long wheelbase. A large van can accommodate bulky appliances on top of the usual boxes.

The Final Thought!

Need to hire a removal van for furniture removal service? You can consider someone trustworthy. Our removal vans are always clean and spacious. And trained movers take care of all your furniture during the moving process. You can visit our other blogs to make yourself more informed.