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Deciding what to keep and discard when moving out is a troublesome process. You can make two lists to make this process simpler – the must-take and will-leave lists. You will discover a number of household items that you won’t be sure what to do with.

Here, keeping your undecided possessions in a safe place is a wise way to reduce the stress of moving. It gives you more time to make the right decisions when you have moved into your new location and put furniture in storage.

To help you make an informed decision here’s complete information on what furniture you should put in storage. Keep reading!

The List Of Furniture You Should Put In Storage When Moving

Furniture is one of the most common items to keep in storage units. Most items are rather bulky. And they tend to take up a lot of space. Besides,

The first reason is – You may not have enough space in the new apartment to place all the furniture items you own.

The second one – Your current furniture list may not match the interior of the new place.

And the third reason – Some of the furniture you’re moving may already be present at the new house or apartment as it is fully furnished.

Apart from that, getting rid of your unneeded furniture pieces prior to the move may not work for you as you wish to keep them for their sentimental value. Another good reason to place furniture in storage is that you think you may need those pieces again shortly or for a future generation.

The Furniture Items Mostly Found In Storage Units Include:

  • Antique Beds or beds that have been disassembled to their prime components;
  • Old mattresses;
  • Wooden tables and chairs. It may be a part of a dining room set;
  • Of course, the patio furniture usually gets stored away for the winter.

When placing any furniture in storage, you need to disassemble the larger pieces to free space in the storage unit. In addition, make sure all furniture items are clean and 100% dry. Otherwise, it can not prevent the growth of mould.

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