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The moving process can be tiring and stressful. To make it simple, consider all the crucial steps, from finding a new home to having the utilities turned on and set up.

One step is finding a furniture removal service provider for the interstate move.

Most times, people select a removalist and book a schedule right after. It can work well for most people. But, if you have a lot of furniture, you may need to consider another method which is having a detailed consultation before hiring. Why?

Let us explain!

Why Do You Need a Detailed Consultation Before Hiring a Furniture Removal Service?

Onsite Furniture Inspection

You can tell your removalist what you need to move. Keep in mind that most companies will not ask you what size your bed is. But you may have a bed of unique style. It can end up costing more or making the process more difficult to handle. With an onsite consultation, the removalist can inspect the furniture and know how they need to move forward.

Dismantling Issues

You may have furniture that can get dismantled. But you may not want it to get dismantled, or there may be an issue with the furniture if they dismantled it. For instance, you may have a table with loose screws on the legs. If you dismantle it, it could decrease the durability of the piece. So, you can discuss this issue directly with the furniture removal service provider before the move.

Room Versus Furniture

When you ask for a quote for your move, you will get it based on standard room size. Most companies assume that the room holds a standard amount of furniture and sizes. And they provide you with an estimate, and you make your budget according to this.

The problem with this quote is that it doesn’t consider the storage room, kitchen, guest rooms, or other furniture and extra furniture. Those are not get included in the site quote.

When you opt for an onsite consultation, it will allow the removalist to see exactly how much furniture is there and the size of the rooms and give you a more accurate quote based on the furniture and not just the room.

The Final Thought!

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